10 million people are protesting over Brexit

Britain’s brutally anti-March march has intensified, more than 10 million people have come out on the streets by demanding a referendum on the bridges. Protestors raised dozens of posters and flags in the favor of the European Union and protested against the Prime Minister Thessamay on the fierce strategy.

10 million people are protesting over Brexit

The March leadership brotherhood by the politicians, including opposition and government members. Addressing the protesters, the leaders said that the best deal is not to be pulled out of the UK’s EU, and economists have also expressed concern over the failure of the UK economy to disrupt the EU.

Over 40 million people have also confirmed an online application, which has demanded the release of Article 50 of the British Constitution, which is about to evacuate from the EU. Prime Minister Thessam has failed to bring an unconnected Brigade Deal to the withdrawal of the EU, and his problems are increasing with every passing day.

The UK faces the biggest political crisis since 1945, last year after the referendum on the withdrawal of the United Kingdom was to be separated from the European Union by March 29, but this complicated constitutional process is constantly standing barriers. Many government members are also different from their prime minister and have resigned

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