Does an HVAC Tech Need License?

2021-05-25 Off By BD HVAC Technician
does an hvac tech need license

When you want to get a job as being a technician for HVAC systems, you’ll be wondering, does an HVAC tech need a license? To answer your question, yes and no. Some states require a license or certification for you to work as a technician, while some do not. But usually, employers in those states will prefer workers with experience under their resumes. 

HVAC technicians can usually get their licenses through different options. The first one is through apprenticeship. Funded by organizations along with community colleges or technical schools. They can take up to 3-5 years to finish. Another option is to go to a technical college, lasting from 6 months to 2 years. Lastly is on-the-job training, where employers will employ and provide training to employees. 

What Does an HVAC Technician do? 

An HVAC technician installs and maintains systems for ventilation, climate control, and also refrigeration. They also do inspections on your system and do different tests to ensure that your ventilation units are functioning well. They can also specialize in working in areas like refrigerants, solar heating, and radiant heating. 

Here’s some information on licensing for HVAC techs.

To summarize, does an HVAC tech need license? Yes, they usually do and you are better off to have one than without. They get their licenses after studying for years after they complete their courses and put in a lot of hours. They can also get their license or certification from training on the job, but usually, employers prefer those with formal training.  

Contact a Reliable HVAC Technician for Assistance

Does an HVAC tech need license? Yes. However, there are still some who would operate without a license. So to ensure that you are getting quality service and your technician will have the accountability to take responsibility in case there should be a problem, make sure you contact a reliable and licensed HVAC technician in your area.

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