Ethiopia Plane Crash 157 people killed

Ethiopian Airlines officials said: ‘Boeing 737 – 800 Max’ was purchased last November. The plane crashed, killing 157 people and causing shock. The cause of the accident is unknown. The inquiry has been ordered. Prime Minister, Abhi Ahmad has announced various plans to take on the path of development of the poverty-stricken Ethiopia.

He also called for investment in the airline industry. We have started flights to many countries, including Moscow, Russia. Ethiopian Airlines is the country’s largest airline.

Ethiopia Plane Crash

It is planned to create a big city in an accident in the bishop’s area. In this situation, the accident has taken place, causing great shock. Thus they said.
At least four people were killed in the plane crash, according to Ethiopian Airlines.

Last year, the Boeing 737 – 800 Max flight from Southeast Asian country, Indonesia’s Jakarta, fell into the Java Sea, killing 189 people. The plane, owned by Lion Airlines, was reported to have some technical difficulties. The Ethiopian Flight Flight Company was caught in a 2010 accident in Lebanon’s Beirut, Middle East. It was the largest accident in the air company, killing 90 people.

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