How Can I Get a Free Estimate for AC Maintenance?

2020-07-30 Off By Martha Herrington
ac maintenance

Some of the best things in life are free. However, there are things that you need to pay for. This includes professional services including AC maintenance. We have previously discussed in another article where we talked about how to find out about AC repair cost how some homeowners would often DIY these procedures just because they are worried that the charges are going so high. Thankfully, some companies offer free estimates for AC maintenance.

So how exactly can I get a free estimate for my AC maintenance? Of course, the first step would be for you to look for the best AC contractor or HVAC technician in your area. Note that not all companies offer free quotes, but some like Eggert Cooling do offer free quotes for residential work. It is usually a red flag if that specific company does not offer a free estimate. You can be faced with hidden charges, high fees, and extra expenses along the way if you don’t ask them before they start working on your AC maintenance.

Finding the Best AC Maintenance Contractor

When you were trying to find the best AC maintenance contractor, you should not always settle for any random company. Do some research. Check out all the companies that are available in your area, narrow them down to the ones that are licensed to perform AC maintenance.

The next step would be for you to find out whether your location is part of their service area. If it is, you can call them or send them a message through their website so you can set an appointment. The appointment doesn’t necessarily mean that they will be coming to your place already. It could just mean that you would be consulting with them and telling them exactly what you want to be done for your air conditioner.

Consult With a Licensed HVAC Contractor

During the consultation, which is usually done over the phone, you can already tell them what type of air conditioner you have and what kind of maintenance you were looking for. When you tell them this, they will already be able to tell you usually an approximate estimate for the actual AC maintenance. You can use this information to compare how other companies will be charging.

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