Thermostat Efficiency Improvement Tips

2020-06-16 Off By Martha Herrington
thermostat efficiency

Living in an area where wintertime is uncomfortable could mean paying more on electricity bills. However, if you choose to use the thermostat smartly, you can enjoy winter and save on the bill. Here are eight tips to improve thermostat efficiency.

1. Buy a Smart Thermostat: If you have not invested already in a thermostat, buy the one that lets you auto adjust the temperature when you are not home. There are thermostats in the market that turn off the heat when no one is at home. You do not need to keep the house warm when no one is inside. And you can set the smart thermostat to make the home warm when you are about to arise. This way, you can save on the bill and have a warm home waiting for you to return.

2. Use Blanket: If possible, use a blanket and wear layers of clothes such as robe over the pajamas and sweater. By this, you can stay comfy indoor at a lower thermostat setting.

3. Split the Home in Heating Zone: There are thermostats with sensors that detect the movement and act accordingly. The technology is useful in saving energy. The sensor senses the presence of a person and automatically turns on the heating. And it turns off the heat as soon as the room is vacated.

4. Seal Leaks: Identify any air leak and get it sealed as soon as possible. The leak may reduce the thermostat’s efficiency, and it may draw more power to keep the room warm.

5. Cover the Window: Sunlight passing through the window to the room may reduce the thermostat’s efficiency. Put curtains and drapes to cover the windows and restrict the sunlight.

To conclude, invest in a state-of-the-art thermostat and seal any leak to ensure optimum utilization of electricity. And whenever you’re unsure about something related to your AC, it is always best to seek advice from an expert. Here’s how to find the best HVAC contractor that can help you.