Who is Brenton Tarrant?

White-born Australian citizen, a 28-year-old Australian citizen who attacked New Zealand’s Mosque, attacked 49 volunteers by blaming blind mosques on the mosques by influencing Norway’s conservative Christ and the Muslim opponent Andre Bruk.

According to the International News Agency, a white Australian person who killed 49 prisons by attacking two mosques in New Zealand, was a conservative person, who was hit by Andrew Bruk, and performed terrible terrorist attacks.

Who is Brenton Tarrant.

Why he Killed Peoples

Brenton Terent, in a 74-page document, describes himself as a general white citizen, wrote that in order to save my country and citizens from the abusive refugees’ ambitions, I decided to stand and take arms. It is a matter of future protection of our land, culture and youth.

The Brenton Terent used to share anger-filled posts on changes and changes made by refugees on their cultures, converting to Europe and other countries on their Facebook account, and sheltered for a few weeks. Especially hatred against Muslims could be seen clearly.

Brenton Tarrant wrote further that he was influenced by Andrew Bruck and wanted to act on the same style. He is a group of British fascist leader Oz Load Mogul, who is currently a politician in politics, while current politicians are the President of the US President Donald Trump.

It is clear that Brand Bruk was a right-armed Christian and anti-Muslim sentiment, wearing a military dress, with a knockout of the activities of Norwegian youth’s government training camp in 2011, resulting in 85 people Were dead.

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